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WINGSUIT TUNNEL CONTACT More About: Indoor wingsuiting is an indoor skydiving sport where participants wear a wingsuit that mimics the experience of skydiving by simulating the sensation of flight using a suit with fabric "wings" between the legs and under the arms.

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Konceptet uppfanns 2015 av oss, Vindtunneln i Stockholm öppnade för allmänheten 2017. Kunder från Sverige och hela världen kommer till oss för att träna eller prova på, Det är ännu den enda i sitt slag i världen men vi jobbar på att etablera fler i USA och Europa. Du hittar mer information via länken nedan

Indoor Wingsuit Flying Stockholm Indoor Skydiving Spread Your Wings and Fly!

To see someone with years of experience in skydiving and base jumping be so nervous and struggle so much is humbling. Indoor wingsuiting is real. Very real. "It certainly helped to have Pilvi's smiling face as a reminder to relax" - Espen Fadnes. The indoor wingsuit facility in Stockholm is in its early days.

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Address Ranhammarsvägen 14, 168 67, Bromma Get Directions on Google Maps Sweden CONTACTS & BOOKING N/A (Domestic) - Submit +46 73 032 83 26 N/A - Submit Wind Tunnel Website WIND TUNNEL MAP FIRST FLIGHT & GROUPS You'll fall in love with the sensation and the freedom that comes with floating on air.

First time Indoor Wingsuit Flight in Stockholm, Sweden

253 13K views 10 months ago A company in Sweden by the name of INDOOR WINGSUIT STOCKHOLM, has made the world's first and only indoor wingsuit flying tunnel, were even beginners and kids.

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First up is a look at the soon-to-open indoor wingsuit facility in Stockholm. Towards the end of 2016 footage began to emerge of an angled tunnel facility in Sweden where some ambitious aeronautical engineers have been conspiring to do for wingsuit flying what vertical wind tunnels have done for our skydiving skills - change everything.

Beginner Indoor Wingsuit Flight Course in Stockholm, Sweden

Uppleva att flyga wingsuit i vindtunnel - Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm FLY. FOR. REAL. Proflyers Book time Buy voucher Tell me more Indoor Wingsuit flight - everyone can fly To fly has been a dream for many since childhood. At Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm we make that dream come true! Come and fly for real in our windtunnel.

First time Indoor Wingsuit Flight in Stockholm, Sweden

I just got back from my first trip to the Indoor Wingsuit tunnel in Stockholm, Sweden. It was an excellent experience all around. Kind of absurd how much new stuff I learned, and old bad habits that I unlearned.. The wingsuit tunnel was originally supposed to be a vertical tunnel, but a competing team got theirs done first. I don't know the.

Wingsuit Wind Tunnel Stockholm Sweden..isit the Indoor wingsuit tunnel in Stolkholm Sweden. If

Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden. 14,733 likes · 70 talking about this · 1,292 were here. FLY FOR REAL • FIRST and ONLY wingsuit.

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Mar 23, 2021 Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm's Johan Stromberg feels confident about his plan to expand into the U.S. The Sweden-based indoor horizontal wind tunnel operator will play a key role.

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First time Indoor Wingsuit Flight in Stockholm, Sweden 4.9/5 (5) Organized by Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm Add to my wishlist See all 8 photos From US$93/person 4.9/5 (5 reviews) Book now Gift This offer is very popular 36 people chose this activity this year Need help? Our experts are here to assist in 8 different languages 7/7

Uppleva att flyga wingsuit i vindtunnel Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm

Indoor Wingsuit Flying Stockholm is the place to go to learn how to fly for real! This one-of-a-kind wingsuit simulation wind tunnel features a patented clear flying chamber that can adjust its angle, allowing participants to fly just like they would in a regular BASE jump or skydive.

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Indoor Wingsuit is recognized worldwide as the disruptive force in indoor skydiving. The company has continuously improved and developed the tunnel technology, the training methods, the safety measures and operations.

Beginner Indoor Wingsuit Flight Course in Stockholm, Sweden

A S O N D Activity description Take flight in a wingsuit and experience the pure rush of adrenaline while flying in the world's first and only indoor wingsuit tunnel!

First time Indoor Wingsuit Flight in Stockholm, Sweden

At Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm you can do what humans always dreamed of - fly like a bird. In our world-unique wind tunnel, everyone - old and young - can fly the wingsuit themselves at the first attempt. However, you must be at least 7 years old and at least 120 cm long to fly with us.. 168 67 Bromma · SWEDEN. E-mail: [email protected].

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Viking Sights in the Stockholm region Sigtuna - Where Sweden begins. Sigtuna, situated by Lake Mälaren just north of Stockholm, boasts a history spanning over a thousand years as Sweden's.