'Warrior Nun' Season 2 Fans Are Rooting Hard for Ava and Beatrice

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Ava and Beatrice’s bond is the teart of Warrior Nun season 2

Ava (Alba Baptista) and Beatrice (Kristina Tonteri-Young) are in love, and have canonically cemented their relationship with a kiss. In the episode, Ava makes the decision to sacrifice.

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Despite Beatrice's protesting, Ava's mind is made up, but she doesn't leave without kissing Beatrice for the first time. After a tender forehead kiss and a heartfelt goodbye, Ava phases.

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The fans of Warrior Nun have been shipping #Avatrice for a long time given that since the first season Ava and Beatrice really have a connection, some special attraction going on between them and.

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the chemistry between them is immaculateshow: warrior nun ec: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCgIeBuBIhD/?igshid=

Warrior Nun Season 2 What happened to Ava?

Ava and Beatrice are on the run in 'Warrior Nun' Season 2 The second season's story begins a few months after the cliffhanger in the first season. Adriel has broken free, and the world believes.

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My Avatrice heart! 🥺🥺🥺 Ava (Alba Baptista) and Beatrice (Kristina Tonteri-Young) have a moment and share a bittersweet kiss before parting ways. Warrior Nun is now streaming only on Netflix..


Ava and Beatrice's relationship is seeded throughout Warrior Nun season 2 and bookends the overall struggle of Ava and the Order of the Cruciform Sword to save the world against the angel Adriel (William Miller). Now, Warrior Nun' s creator and showrunner Simon Davis Barry reveals how far ahead Ava and Beatrice's love story was planned.

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Simon Barry reveals Netflix was initially hesitant about putting Ava and Beatrice's relationship at the forefront of Warrior Nun season 2 due to concerns about changing the successful formula of season 1.

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Ava and Beatrice have stolen my heart! So I've decided to make a whole video on my favorite Ava & Beatrice moments from Warrior Nun season 1. I need to screa.

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Ava and Beatrice and Purpose. Starting at opposite ends of the spectrum, Ava and Beatrice arrive at the same place, in a way. Both gain a new understanding of what purpose is and what it means to them personally. Ava has purpose for the first time, and Beatrice gains a renewed sense of it that's more true to herself.

'Warrior Nun' Season 2 Fans Are Rooting Hard for Ava and Beatrice

Warrior Nun Season 1 Was Patient With Ava & Beatrice Off the cuff, Beatrice and Ava bonded at the OCS, with Beatrice locking into more of her emotions. She never hinted to anyone she was queer apart from Ava, as she knew it'd cause religious conflict as they were affiliated with the Catholic Church.

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use #savewarriornun on Twitter!I had to shorten some scenes due to copywrite!sign the petition for season 3 here: https://www.change.org/p/renew-warrior-nun-.

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Beatrice's bond with Ava continues to deepen as the season moves along, and within that relationship, we see both women mature and grow into more capable warriors. For Beatrice, finding a kindred spirit, a member of the OCS who also felt like a misfit for much of her life, gave her the courage to open up about her own emotional roadblocks..

How Warrior Nun Explores Its Themes Through Ava and Beatrice

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'Warrior Nun' Creator on Ava and Beatrice's Relationship and the 'Sisterhood' and Religion in the Adaptation Amber Dowling July 14, 2020 · 11 min read Click here to read the full article. SPOILER.